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The Seminar Girl™ was co-founded by Tara Grier and Jane Sinclair in 2015. During the last 20 years, they have been blessed with the opportunity to work with several of the most successful seminar agents in the country. Valuable information comes to them every day about essential elements for success in annuity seminar selling. 


Extraordinary success in this business is attainable by almost anyone who is willing to apply themselves and use the techniques and systems that are working for thousands of agents all over the country. At The Seminar Girl™, we want to help you figure out what kind of seminar to use, how to deliver the seminar, appointment setting strategies, and how to follow through with prospects.


We have access, and have crated, the best tools and systems on the market. Put us on your staff and bring a much bigger paycheck home for yourself!



Over 300 posts and 10 themes for you to choose from

Completely customizable, you can add your logo and brand colors with a click of a button!
And we show you how!


It's no secret that marketing for financial advisors is complicated

Research indicates that financial brands tend to engage mid-tier influencers for their social media campaigns - 63% of the time, with micro-influencers coming in at a distant second. But community banks and credits unions are finding much success with micro and nano-influencers because their voices are closer to home — family and friends can be more influential in terms of which financial services providers consumers choose. 

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The essentials of a successful social media marketing strategy

If your social media plan is properly executed, it will:

  1. Increase your brand recognition through:

  2. Organic social growth

  3. Paid social traffic

  4. Establish you/your firm as subject matter experts on specifics topics important to investors

  5. Connect with social influencers who can help you reach more potential clients

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