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The Social Media Marketing Manager Package 

What it Includes:


– Robust profiles. If you don’t have profiles on the major social platforms, we will create them for you. If you do have them, we will add content, including story highlights with cover icons and names, and bio links to booklets and conversion pages.


– 4-5 weekly posts. 

– 3 major social platforms. We begin with Instagram and Facebook, and then add LinkedIn


– Lead magnets plus. We periodically post ads offering educational booklets branded with your name and contact information. Clicking the ads takes viewers to tailored sales funnels which, after providing the booklets, suggest calling your firm and follows up with nurturing emails.


– Boosting on us. After a couple shoots, several of your videos should have generated substantial views. We put some of our money behind the popular ones, targeting the geographic areas you serve. This paid advertising will materially increase your follower count.


Marketing Amplifier costs $995/month. There are no setup fees or other charges. You may cancel anytime after 3 months, which we need to show you the robust social presence we can deliver.


Intrigued? Let’s talk.

If your social media plan is properly executed, it will:

  1. Increase your brand recognition through:

  2. Organic social growth

  3. Paid social traffic

  4. Establish you/your firm as subject matter experts on specifics topics important to investors

  5. Connect with social influencers who can help you reach more potential clients

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