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Social Media Marketing for Financial Advisors
A well-planned social media strategy should be an important part of your digital marketing

It takes specialized knowledge and skills to build a robust social media presence for RIAs and financial advisors who want to make the Internet an important source of new clients.


There are currently over 2.38 billion monthly Facebook users! Billions more are using the various other channels ranging from LinkedIn to Instagram, Twitter and beyond. 


our financial advisory firm could easily become lost in the vast number of these users without a solid social media plan and a dedicated person or team to execute it. Social media will not completely replace your other marketing methods. Rather, social media will enhance your overarching marketing strategy.

If your social media plan is properly executed, it will:

  • Increase your brand recognition through:

    • Organic social growth

    • Paid social traffic

  • Establish you/your firm as subject matter experts on specifics topics important to investors

  • Connect with social influencers who can help you reach more potential clients


Whether it is a social media profile on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, or videos on YouTube: creating an online presence with content people care about will connect you with more potential clients.  


Even if your presence on these essential platforms does not immediately result in an uptick in business, the investment will pay considerable dividends in due time.  Social media really is the gift that never stops giving. As time progresses, many more people will find your social media accounts, read your posts and consider your value offering.  

Provide your audience with informative, insightful and helpful content and you will have planted a metaphorical seed in their minds that gradually grows over time, ultimately resulting in a steady flow of clients.  Furthermore, many of those who visit your social media pages will share links to your pages and online content with friends, family, colleagues, and others in need of financial advisor services. In some cases, a single viral Facebook post, tweet or Instagram post is all that is necessary to generate a considerable uptick in business in the years to come.

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